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Think Fast About the Past – An iPad Game About U.S. History

Think Fast About the Past is a free iPad game about U.S. history. This free iPad app is the companion to the Mission U.S. website that offers interactive journeys through U.S. history. Think Fast About the Past contains two “missions” for students to complete. The first mission is set in Boston in 1770. The mission […]

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Go Go Games – iPad Games to Practice Pattern Identification

Go Go Games is a set of iPad games designed to help children that have Autism Spectrum Disorders practice recognizing the features and patterns of objects. While these games were designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders any young child would enjoy them. There are three games in the Go Go Games suite. The first […]

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GeoMaster Plus Offers Fun Games for Learning World Geography

GeoMaster Plus is an iPad app for learning and practicing identifying countries, capitals, and landmarks around the world. GeoMaster Plus offers a simple interactive atlas that students can use to familiarize themselves with the countries of the world. Students can search the atlas by country name and capital name. Students can also navigate the atlas […]

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10 Great Apps for a Teacher’s New iPad

Did you receive a gift of a new iPad this year? If so, you’re probably spending this holiday vacation week trying out all kinds of new apps. Here are ten that I recommend getting started with. Evernote is the Swiss Army knife of iPad apps. I use Evernote for a little bit of everything from […]

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An Augmented Reality Math Game

Fetch! Lunch Rush! is a neat use of augmented reality to create a mathematics lesson for young students. The free iPhone app (it also worked on my iPad 2) was developed by PBS Kids. The purpose of the app is to get kids moving about a room in search of numbers that are the correct […]

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MeeGenius Puts Great Children’s Stories on iPads

MeeGenius is an app that I’ve written about on my other blogs because in addition to being an iPad app it is also available as a Chrome app and as an Android app. MeeGenius offers a large collection of children’s stories that children can read to themselves or have read to them by the MeeGenius […]

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Maily for iPad Gives Students a Safe Place to Learn to Email

Maily is a free iPad app that provides young children with a safe and fun way to send emails to parents and selected family members. To use Maily parents have to create accounts for their children. Parents select and add contacts for their children. After the account is created children can then send and receive […]

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Scrollshow – A Nice Free Alternative to Keynote for iPad

Scrollshow is a neat presentation creation app for iPad. The idea behind Scrollshow is to present your slides as a¬†continuous¬†stream on top of a panoramic background. Unlike a typical slide presentation tool in which each slide is a separate entity, in Scrollshow the slides are integrated into the flow of a panoramic background. It kind […]

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Use Little Story Maker to Create Custom Books on Your ipad

Little Story Maker is a great little app that adults and children can use to create their own custom books on their iPads. The app provides book templates that you complete with your own images, text, and voice narration. All of the books that you create are stored in your Little Story Maker bookshelf. To […]

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Knowmia Teach Is a Great App for Creating Lesson Videos

Knowmia is a website and an iPad app for creating, sharing, and viewing video lessons. The Knowmia Teach iPad app is an excellent app for creating your own whiteboard videos in the Khan Academy style. I have found the Knowia Teach app to have far more creation options than the similar Showme and Educreations apps. […]

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